Things you did not know about fish smoking

Smoked fish is one of the best ways to experience fish, the texture of the meat becomes much stronger and the taste richer. Just as all other smoked meat, fish smoking is also a tradition and with tradition comes diversity, culture and many other things that make it more interesting. It is usual to find different ways and procedures for fish smoking in different regions, and there are also many fish species that are good for smoking but the best and widest known is salmon.

Although they often refer to it as smoked salmon, it is not actually that, it is cured, and you can easily do it at your home. Actual fish smoking is hard to perform at home, but cured salmon needs only salmon, water and salt. You need to get the freshest salmon available and prepare it so that there are no bones left, when it is only meat left, then put it in brine (salt water) and let it stay there for two days, or three if you want. The salt infuses with water in the meat, so don't be scared, because that way it become edible.

Smoked fish can be found in every piece of the world

Trout, mackerel and whitefish are the fish species that are most likely to be seen in the smoked version. All three of these become very different during the fish smoking process, their taste changes, and even the structure becomes. Although they are very different as smoked fish, these three are equally enjoyable and tasty, recording to smoked fish lovers.

Sauces and other ingredients are then added to make the flavor richer or to round up the experience. When you go to restaurants, you should take escorts with you from, because these beautiful people will know how to enjoy some great smoked fish and maybe tell you more about it, in case you are in a part of the world you don't know that much about.

Fish smoking is popular, because smoked fish can be used and added to almost every meal to make it taste better and be more interesting. It can be added to pasta, pizza, sandwiches, toast, eggs, other meat, potatoes, really everything, only if you know how to prepare it and with what ingredients to combine it, a little hint: smoked fish is good with curry and turmeric.

Fish smoking has been around for quite a few centuries, and in the past there was often only one or two places in a village where it was done. It often was a smoking cottage right next to the better standing fishermen's houses and it was open for use to other people. These smokehouses were not only used as fish smoking places, they used also as storage and because of that they had to be secured from animals and thieves. They also cured fish in salt water and did cold smoking for two or more weeks, just like we do today, but in a much more natural surrounding.